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Early support by Joseph Capriati, Stephanie Sykes, Luciano Lamanna, Codex Empire, Luigi Madonna, Cortechs, Max Durante, Beat Movement, Cortechs, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Droid, Choronzon, Drvg Cvltvre, Electrorites, Antonio De Angelis, Paco Osuna, Giorgio Gigli, ArchivOne, Diarmaid O Meara, Angelo Posito', Eleusinia Mysteria, Empyrean, GabeeN, Flaminia, Ollie Gibson, Tapefeed, Fusky, Unconscious, Alessio Pesenti, Danilo Invorvaia, 14anger, Flmm, Ireen Amnes, Julian Juelz, Kenny Campbell, Smurf, 3PhazeGenerator, Bruno Ledesma, Hannie Phin, C-System, Doryan Hell, Droidpanik, Ida Mandato, Ossa di Mare and many more..

WTD VA 002 Various Artists - The Future Can Be Shaped

WTD VA 002 features the musical output of 12 different artists/duos. Tracks range from noisy, dark and atmospheric to brave dancefloor tools, while keeping in common a raw sound. Distortion and synthesizers are the main actors in this play: they work together at times, they alternate in some other cases and eventually they even fight with each other. An omnipresent feeling of movement is accompanied by sonorities and resonances that recall concrete warehouse basements and metallic abandoned buildings.

“Danilo Incorvaia - H1” delivers a pounding, fast paced and solid rhythm. The industrialised groove, distorted drums and atmospheric noises would get hardly noticed as single elements since the composition blends them together so well that they seem to be natural components of the same indivisible machine.

“14anger - Anticipated Revenge” is a slowly increasing, but banging tune where the simple but highly processed drums create a powerful groove. The mood only gets broken by the distorted lead appearing in the breakdown. Nevertheless the track picks up quickly one more time, returning to a crashing, punchy sound.

“Unconscious - Sexual Discipline” has a strong component of EBM (Electronic Body Music) that merges well with the techno soul of the track. Adding to the visceral feeling of the tune, a looped mistress’ voice sets the tone of the recording. This ideal blend is perfect to start firing up a dancefloor.

“Fusky - Waxing Gibbous” is pure groove. The main pattern is a simple rhythmic loop that would make the audience jump right to left and back for the entire length of the track. The other drums and a stab add up to the spectrum, but never miss-respecting the core of the piece.

“Flaminia - Found Within” makes the audience dance restlessly and stop to wonder multiple times during the eight minutes. A simple but effective pure techno pattern suddenly leaves space to a deep and distant pad that evokes nostalgia. At the end, a new, detuned pad rises to break the angelic mood dominating few seconds earlier.

“Train - Le Monde Est A Nous” is a driving dancefloor oriented tune. A big-room lead sits on top of a solid kick and bass. The melody is intense but fits well with the rhythmic drums, creating a thumping tune suitable for fervent 4 am moments.

“DVKA - Machinery” is a subtly stomping tune that rises incredibly in intensity throughout the first 6 minutes, to eventually plateau and disappear into a dusty atmospheric noise. The drums and the groove converge to the same level of vigour to create a timeless tension.

“Polanski (feat. Volsent) - Accelerate” is punk madness summarised in a 7 minutes of field recording, harsh distortion and analog synths. The powerful never ending bass line and kick create a solid, pressing tune that is worth attention in the most extreme techno parties.

“Alessio Pesenti - The Illusory Cave” has a broken beat that seems to pick up fragments of metals and carry them in a small, controlled tornado. Progressive synths take eventually over in an acidic medley of sounds that close down the track with a touch of 80s feeling.

“Terawatt - 1TW = 1e+18 mW” is broken and tense, with punchy distorted drums setting up the rhythm and minimalistic synths creating a groovy atmosphere. The tune seems to shift instruments few times during the 7 minutes raising up in mood in the central part while opening and closing with a downtuned feeling.

“Cordsen - Space Elephant” is a deep, spacey tune that recalls the idea of space traveling where a slow moving elephant makes their way into the sky. The soundscape is guttural and leaves wide room for the drums to maintain the pace of the track. It closes the album with a profound sense of movement towards unknown territories.

“What is that you are looking for
when the hype is high
but only see down the floor?
Only few things seem right
to those who don’t
believe enough to fight.”



released November 24, 2016

Danilo Incorvaia, 14anger, Unconscious, Fusky, Flaminia, Train, DVKA, Polanski, Volsent, Alessio Pesenti, Terawatt, Cordsen
Ways to Die Records
Niumen Mastering



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